Does your toilet also have these stains? I’ll tell you how I solved it, now it shines

Citric acid: the most effective solution for removing yellow stains from the toilet

Clean up toilet it is definitely not a pleasant and rewarding task, especially since you will never get the desired results. Seeing it clean, clear, without yellow spots, deposits and unpleasant odors seems like a titanic task. However, today we want to show you a natural ingredient that will help you effectively remove yellow stains and neutralize unpleasant odors.

Before switching to medicine it is important to understand that if limestone it is deposited inside the toilet due to the continuous flow of water. If the same thing happens to you, check that there is none loss and if so, try to fix it, maybe call a plumber.

Citric acid: a genius solution for removing toilet stains

To remove yellow spots There are various natural remedies from the toilet, but the most effective is without a doubtcitric acid. This natural and ecological component is easily available, allows you to save money and above all to act efficiently. Thanks to the content acid in fact, it quickly dissolves limescale, leaving the toilet clean and disinfected.

Being very versatile, it can be used in many different ways and combined with other natural ingredients. So let’s go and prepare it solution which will help you get rid of stains on the toilet. Untie 200 grams of citric acid to powder to liter of water lukewarm demineralized.

citric acid

Transfer the mixture to a spray can, place a piece of toilet paper on the stains and spray the solution. Wait a few hours or overnight and flush the toilet.

You can also use this solution at the end of normal House cleaningit evaporates directly inside the toilet and is left to work 15 minutes and flushing the toilet. Alternatively, you can add it to detergent for washing machines for bleaching and softening laundry or spraying ovento remove any encrustations.

Remember that it is a natural acid, but strong enoughit would be better to use it equipped glove and if you are particularly sensitive to pungent smells, even from masks.

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