Incubator, it’s the last time for ecological startups

It’s the last time. There are nine projects that will win the grants of the second edition of the Incubator, an acceleration program supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza, Lodi, PoliHub and Politecnico di Milano, created to offer connections, methodologies, tools and funding. to accelerate the maturation of sustainability projects and maximize their potential. You’ll have to wait until Thursday, January 18 from 2:00 p.m. to see who wins the edition. It will be possible to watch the event live online, you will be able to participate in the selection process of finalist projects and the handing over of grants by the organizers and partners of the initiative. The event will be presented by Sergio Enrico Rossi, Deputy Secretary General of the Milan Monza Chamber of Commerce Brianza Lodi, Andrea Sianesi, President of PoliHub, Marco Francesco Bocciolone, Rector’s Delegate for Technology Transfer at Milan Polytechnic, and Andrea Campelli, Director of Communications and External Relations at Corepla. For KeyNote, the contact person will be Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of Nativa, while the next step will be Enrico Deluchi, CEO of PoliHub, and Filippo Bosco, Senior Investment Manager of Tech4Planet. The goal is to identify the best teams capable of designing technologies capable of solving the most pressing environmental, economic and social problems of our time and support them in their growth through acceleration programs, grants and access to investment. The Incubator is an accelerator program focused on university and research center spinoffs and sustainable climate technology startups that are ready to save the planet.

Incubator: the future of the planet is in the hands of sustainable startups

from the editors of Green&Blue

All budding finalists


BAVERTIS solves the problem of the limited life of EV batteries by providing a solution that combines software and hardware, extending the life of EV batteries by up to 80% and greatly facilitating their reuse in other configurations.

BeadRoots helps farmers during drought with an innovative root water retention solution that uses superabsorbent natural polymers to help increase yield and improve quality.

BioFashiontech presents a transformative solution to inefficient textile waste management with an innovative green technology approach that reduces reliance on chemically produced pigments and biomaterials.

Coffee from
Coffeefrom transforms coffee grounds from the food industry, normally disposed of in landfill, into new thermoplastic materials that reduce CO emissions2 and the use of original fossil plastics.

Daedalus AI
Dedalo AI is an AI-powered ESG platform that helps SMEs monitor and reduce carbon emissions and prepare ESG reports in seconds.

Cleantech startup that designs machines to improve the collection, selection and disposal of municipal solid waste to contribute to environmental sustainability using increasingly advanced technologies such as AI and deep learning and process optimization.

LIFT Energy
LIFT Energy, a spin-off from the Polytechnic University of Milan, doubles the energy density in batteries using a rechargeable and safe technology based on lithium metals.

Nalucoat is an innovative startup focused on environmentally friendly surface treatment as an alternative to chrome plating on aluminum and light alloy substrates for the automotive interior and design industry.

Plastiz transforms tons of plastic waste into new surfaces with highly customizable textures and local, 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

Preinvel’s solution solves problems related to the filtration of industrial pollutant emissions by eliminating maintenance costs, reducing electricity consumption by 80% and achieving significantly higher efficiency than current technologies.

Rare Earth
RarEarth is revolutionizing Europe’s independence and the health of the planet through an innovative and economical rare earth recycling process in electric two-wheeled vehicles.

SIEve is an all-in-one regenerable filter for advanced wastewater treatment that helps companies clean wastewater according to regulations through a modular and circular facility.

SiZable Energy
SiZable Energy (SiZ) is a pumped hydro technology that has the potential to revolutionize and protect the energy storage market by facilitating the seamless integration of renewable energy into grids.

SUPASO manufactures sustainable, high-performance packaging from recycled paper for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. Their patented, economical cellulose-based insulation is recyclable into paper and replaces polystyrene, primarily intended for the food and pharmaceutical market.

VisionNing restores nutrients and cleans wastewater using solar energy, transforming agro-industrial wastewater into valuable resources for agriculture.

WAISENSE is a system that helps people and companies not waste water with a recirculation system and a sensor-based leak detection system capable of detecting anomalies.

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