One of the world’s smallest felines is at risk of extinction due to inbreeding


Despite the majority feline they are endangered habitat loss and human activityconservation programs dedicated to smaller species are considerably less developed than those aimed at their more “massive” counterparts such as tigers and lions. According to a new study, in fact black-footed cat (Felis nigripes), the smallest African cat, can even be serious danger of … Read more

Gianmarco Tamberi, lionesses “cuddled” on social networks and empathy exploited by fake sanctuaries


A series of seemingly harmless shots and short videos. “Swept” lion cubs and preoccupied with the most spontaneous of controlled gestures out of empathy towards other animals. AND “trap” again it worked perfectly for unsuspecting tourists. Unwitting victim of existence fake african sanctuaries this time it was an Italian high lifter and Olympic and world … Read more

“If you meet a hyena, talk to it”: what the original warning from the Kenya Wildlife Service means

iena maculata

For us Europeans, the idea of meet a hyena It may be a far-fetched idea, but it could be a concrete possibility for the African population or for tourists heading to Kenya. That’s the reason why Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the national parks and conservation agency of Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, has published … Read more

The dog was found dead near a forest in Nettun. Zoophile Guards: “He Had a Collar”


Dog’s body, v state of decay, was found in via Delle Grugnole in Nettuno, near the forest. The animal was found by the operators of the regional operation unit Zoofile Guards of the civil protection association Anzio Le Aquile of the president Sara Mastrantoni. “The animal – explains Chief Coordinator Kodami Salvatore LupoliDirector of Operations … Read more

Challenge for more than 100 dogs evicted from an illegal kennel: they are looking for a new home

cane canile

Archive photo Outside 100 dogscoming from behind illegal kennel in the locality Santa Lianin the city Quartu Sant’Elena in Sardinia, they are looking for a new home after the executive eviction from the building in which they live by decision of the day Court of Cagliari. The city administration launched an expression of interest for … Read more

A new species of tyrannosaurus was discovered: it was the closest relative of the famous T. rex


A new study published in Scientific Reports has just revealed the discovery of a new species of tyrannosaur in the making Hall Lake, in New Mexico, on the border between the United States and Mexico. This species, according to the investigation carried out by the team Sebastian Dalman, paleontologist at the New Mexico Museum of … Read more

A rare almost completely white penguin spotted and filmed in Antarctica


Image by Hugo Alejandro Harros Guerra Rare penguin of feathers almost all white was recently spotted and filmed in Antarctica. This is a female Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua), also known as common pygoscelidand was spotted by photographer Hugo Alejandro Harros Guerra, one of only 14 people who were present near the former Chilean research station … Read more