Found on cycle path, terrified and unable to fly, owl rescued in Verbania

Found along cycle/pedestrian path which connects Verbania on Foundationfrightened and unable to take off: thus a male owla team from the Verbania Fire Department retrieved it.

A report of a predator on the Piedmont bike path came in Sunday evening from a person who was riding on it and he saw him crouching on the ground. Due to some health problem, 112 was called, which sent a team of firefighters to the scene.

The firefighters carefully approached the owl and secured it while waiting for the arrival of the Regional Police officers, who took it over and then transported it to the nearest wildlife restoration center. Once it arrived, it was examined: it was an individual weighing two kilograms with various injuries, probably due to a investment. There is a busy road near the bike/pedestrian path and it is possible that the owl was hit and then managed to cross the bike path.

This is a particularly significant rescue: according to i data published by IUCNour residents production (the largest nocturnal predators in Europe) make up 500/700 individuals and is therefore considered a vulnerable species. It is mostly a species dusk which hunts at dawn and dusk, and is therefore most likely to have been hit while out foraging, taking into account the time of discovery. It’s just as likely nest nearby where she was found because they are predators that generally do not move from their territory unless forced to move due to a lack of prey or unless they are dispersing young.

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