Clogged kitchen sink? Do not use chemical products, you can solve the problem quickly and completely naturally

Clogged sink? Don’t panic, use these natural remedies

You must also have come close to him sink from the kitchen and heard a strange bubbling sound coming from the pipes. This seemingly innocuous sound is an alarm that signals that the sink is clogged and the water will soon stop flowing. Before you panic and call every plumber within 100 km, try using the natural remedies that we will show you in the article.

Natural means to unclog the sink

Let’s start by stating that the fillings from exhaust pipe the sink can be removed by natural means, unless it is a serious case in which the intervention of an expert is unavoidable. The first thing you need to do is try using it piston.

Heat some water in a pan and pour it down the drain. Press gently with the suction cup e pull outwards. Alternatively, you can use special coils or wire.

citric acid

Another natural remedy lies in connection 2 ingredients very effective baking soda and vinegar. Mix vinegar and baking soda in a cup, pour the mixture down the drain and then boiling water. At this point, you will see foam forming, which means the mixture is dissolving debris and debris from the drain. Rest assured that the traffic jam will be just a bad memory this way.

Another product designed specifically to dissolve grease and oil that can be effective in cleaning clogged sinks is dishwashing detergent. To use it, pour it out cup in the drain, wait half an hour so that the products have time to act and pour boiling water.


Finally, you can usecitric acidan acid naturally present in citrus fruits, excellent for doing many household chores such as washing floors, remove scale or soften laundry. To use it, pour half a cup of citric acid, half a cup of baking soda into the sink and proceed liter of water bitter.

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