Challenge for more than 100 dogs evicted from an illegal kennel: they are looking for a new home

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Outside 100 dogscoming from behind illegal kennel in the locality Santa Lianin the city Quartu Sant’Elena in Sardinia, they are looking for a new home after the executive eviction from the building in which they live by decision of the day Court of Cagliari.

The city administration launched an expression of interest for the acquisition through the “Environment” sector availability of voluntary associations national and regional authorities operating in the territory for the management of animals subject to the implementation provision.

According to the municipality, “the animal shelter is illegal, lacking any minimum safety and hygiene requirements, as well as any requirement for a permit. A degrading situation which has persisted for over a decade and which has threatened the health and welfare of the animals along with the safety of the tenants who have been ordered to evict and are now under the supervision of social services”.

The decision to relocate the animals from the illegal construction arose from a dispute that began years ago: the owners of the premises, which over time turned into an illegal kennel, claimed their rights, and the court issued a decision on who orders eviction of an illegally occupied building by some people who even brought dogs inside.

After the eviction enforcement order was issued, the animals will now have to be collected by the municipality in groups of five. They will undergo careful checks, be microchipped and sterilized before being released to those who wish to care for them, hoping to offer each individualthe possibility of finding permanent accommodation.

Authorities have ordered the eviction of illegal residents, including a minor, who are also responsible for managing the animals at the facility, and social services workers will follow.

Deputy mayor and councilor for the environment Tore Sanna, which deals with this particularly delicate situation, stated: «We immediately intervened to correct a situation of illegitimacy and risk that had persisted for more than 10 years. On the basis of the regional guidelines on the fight against stray animals and the protection of domestic pets, we stand before us a kind of illegal kennel, which cannot remain in these conditions. Unfortunately, over time, the number of animals grew uncontrollably, which is why one of the Administration’s first actions is the sterilization and chipping plan, which will be implemented by the veterinary service of the capital. Local Health Authority of Cagliari in cooperation with the Shardana kennel. Animals will be collected in groups of five, held in a pen for necessary medical procedures and kept there temporarily until readmission. The immediate follow-up step will be the involvement of voluntary associations that are the subject of this expression of interest, so that the dogs are sorted and then sent for adoption.”

It is understandable that the municipality itself would search for a place for not ten, not twenty, but more than a hundred dogs on its own. This problem represents a considerable challenge, and how to solve it, The village decided to turn to voluntary associationswhich could offer the animals a temporary shelter or support the adoption process, thus helping to ensure a new life for each participating dog.

“The city administration – clarifies Sanna – is also available to evaluate assignment hypotheses based on models already tested in other realities or in the form of incentive for certified associations or adoptive families. We hope that a chain of solidarity will be created at the local level, but also outside the territory of the region, to be able to guarantee more than 100 heartfelt adoptions for these unfortunate creatures who until now have lived in conditions of complete insecurity.”

Animal rights associations, volunteers or citizens who are interested in offering a home to one of these animals can fill out an expression of interest that can be downloaded from the website of the municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena or request information on 070 86011 (Municipal exchange)

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