The dog was found dead near a forest in Nettun. Zoophile Guards: “He Had a Collar”

Dog’s body, v state of decay, was found in via Delle Grugnole in Nettuno, near the forest. The animal was found by the operators of the regional operation unit Zoofile Guards of the civil protection association Anzio Le Aquile of the president Sara Mastrantoni.

“The animal – explains Chief Coordinator Kodami Salvatore LupoliDirector of Operations Zoofile Guards – was equipped with a collar, which leads us to conclude that it had an owner. We have alerted the local Nettuno Police Command who will conduct further investigations in addition to activating the recovery of the body”.

You will not find photos of the dog find on Kodami due to a precise editorial choice: we decided not to publish the pictures, because they do not add anything compared to what was written and do not show the possible acts of violence and abuse to a living being.

Lupoli also explains that further investigations will be carried out to understand “not only the causes of death, but also whether the poor animal He was microchippedto be able to identify the owner and have an explanation from him regarding the death and why the burial regulations for the corpse were not followed”.

The police officers, if the conditions are right, will also turn to the public prosecutor’s office. But first it will be necessary to try to rebuild animal story

The operators also made more than 20 checks between Anzio and Nettuno to verify microchip domestic animals as required by Regional Law 34 of 1997.

In recent days, our country was shocked by the death of another dog, the pit bull Aron tied to a post and set on fire from his reference person. He died within the walls of the Zarcone clinic, where he fought with strength and dignity for three days, surrounded by the facility’s vets.

A terrible crime, because unfortunately there are still many against animals. Sunday January 14th, lots of people they met in Milan for action in memory of Leone the cat and Aron the dog and demand an immediate end to these atrocities.

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