6 ghost towns to visit in Italy: find out where they are

One of the peculiarities of Italy lies precisely in the richness of the interior areas: in fact, there are many villages and towns that are slowly starting to reappear. However, there are also many abandoned villages, over 1,000 across the country according to ISTAT. Among them there are several that have a unique charm because everything has remained still since the date of abandonment. So find out what some of them are a ghost town to visit in Italy.

Toiano, Tuscany

In the province of Pisa you will find Toiano, a very characteristic ghost town. This medieval village, now (almost) uninhabited, offers a unique insight into the region’s rural past, with stone houses standing quietly among the fields. Toiano was abandoned partly because of poor job prospects, but also because landslide area which proved to be problematic.

The town has been uninhabited for about half a century, so if you can get there on foot, you can still see period furniture and fixtures in the houses. Other cities can also be seen from the vantage point, such as Volterra and San Miniato.

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Scoppio, Umbria

in province of Terni and more precisely in the Martani Mountains, Scoppio is one of the most fascinating destinations for ghost town lovers. This village, now uninhabited in the 1950s, had – in recent times – around 25 families. Several earthquakes convinced the few remaining cores to relocate.

Here you can find Romanesque church of San Michele Arcangelo, which dates from around the 11th century and is still decorated with frescoes. However, the houses are still standing at the date of abandonment and in some cases have retained the abandoned utensils in common use.

Even the village of Scoppio is uninhabited, this area between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany has so much to show. If you want to better explore the area, consider looking for holiday homes near Scoppio.

Monterano Antica, Lazio

Monterano Antica is perhaps one of the most famous abandoned towns ever. It is located near Canale Monterano, north of Lake Bracciano. Its history is ancient, given that it was already inhabited by Etruscans and Romans. In the Lombard era, it became a point of reference for the area until it became one an area administered by the papacy. The city was abandoned at the end of the 18th century after the invasion of French troops and a malaria epidemic.

This ancient village, now uninhabited, presents itself as an open-air museum where you can walk among the ruins. Among the things you shouldn’t miss are the medieval castle and the monastery of San Bonaventura. Monterano Antica is well known because it was an ideal setting many Italian and international films such as Ben-Hur, The Gospel of Matthew and Marquis del Grillo.

The town that “replaced” Monterano Antica is located near Lake Bracciano. A stay in Canale Monterano is therefore an excellent idea to discover the ghost town, but also the beautiful surroundings.

Noto Antica, Sicily

A rather strange story concerns Noto Antica in Sicily. The city was abandoned more than three centuries ago when an earthquake in 1693 nearly leveled it to the ground. The town was (beautifully) rebuilt a few kilometers away and Noto Antica remains a very interesting medieval testimony.

Visit in Noto Ancient will turn into an archaeological adventure, and among the things to see we must mention: the Mountain Gate, the entrance to the city, the ruins of the castle from the 11th century, the remains of various churches and noble palaces. Of course, part of the experience is discovering what there is to see in Noto: you will understand how the decline of one town leads to another.

The city does not need much introduction, as it is one of the pearls of the Sicilian Baroque. If you are looking for accommodation nearby, discover holiday homes in Noto with Rentalia.

Monteruga, Puglia

In Salento, Monteruga is one of the most fascinating ghost towns in Apulia. The city was founded during the fascist era laborers in the adjacent fields. When the crops were depopulated, the newly built city met the same fate.

Monteruga is located on the road that leads from San Pancrazio Salentino to the sea and with maximum attention it is possible to wander between deserted streets. Here you will find a church, a bowling alley, services such as barracks and schools, but also what used to be the home of the peasants.

Salento consists of seaside places, but also small pearls hidden inland. If you have been looking for a holiday home in Salento, the alternatives on the market are really many and varied.

Castelnuovo di Auditore, Marche

The city is located in Marche, a region rich in history Castelnuovo di Auditore, once a thriving country village and now depopulated. The abandonment was relatively gradual, so much so that in the 1950s there were still 600 inhabitants. The atmosphere you breathe while walking through its streets is very evocative, and among the vegetation it is still possible to see ancient walls and churches.

You will still be able to see Church of San Biagio, which cannot be visited as it is unusable. Some houses have been renovated, but the remaining part is in a state of abandonment. To get here you have to enter the hinterland of Urbino as far as the town of Tavoleto on the border with Emilia-Romagna and then up a small road into town.

The territory halfway between Marche and Emilia-Romagna is strategic for discovering these areas of central Italy. Especially near the abandoned town you will find several holiday homes in Auditore.

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