A trick that is becoming popular for removing the skin from boiled potatoes in seconds

Boiled potatoes: how to easily peel them with a simple trick

The potatoes they are one of those dishes that will appeal to everyone, thanks to their delicate taste and the possibility of preparation in an infinite number of ways. They can be easily transformed into many tasty dishes and can be cooked in many different ways: boiled, baked, fried, stewed, au gratin, pureed or as an ingredient in soups and stews. Before making most recipes, you need to peel, peel and mash them.

Fortunately, there is one brilliant trick which is becoming very popular on the famous social platform Instagram that allows you to peel them with extreme ease.

There are potatoes roots which grow underground. There are different varieties, each with different properties and characteristics. Some are more suitable for cooking, others for frying, others for use in sweet preparations. Among the most widespread varieties are those and white pasterich in starch and suitable for the preparation of purees and fried dishes, those a yellow pasta, suitable for many recipes and red pastawith a delicate taste and suitable for cooking or baking.


It is important to remember when cooking potatoes do not consume green or sprouted bark because it may contain a toxic substance called solanine. It is also advisable to cook them with the skin on, because most of them vitamins and fiber They are found in the outer skin.

A genius trick to quickly peel potatoes

In most recipes, they should be boiled. However, once it’s cooked, you have to peel them and here he comes to our aid trick Instagram users, which will speed up your work. Before you boil the potatoes, do a cut in the middle as if you wanted to cut a potato in half, roughly cut the skin half a centimeter from the surface. Then let them boil and skewer them once Fork to see if they are soft inside. Once cooked, release them and immerse them in the sink with cold water and ice.

This step, as well as stop cooking, will allow you to do this handle them without burning yourself. All you have to do is take one potato at a time, pinch it at the top and remove the bark from the part where you made the cut. You will have potatoes peeled and ready to use in no time.

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