Aron, the dog burned in Palermo, died. Lava volunteers: “He fought until the end”

Aaron is no longer here. Sadly, the dog that was burnt in Palermo a few days ago died last night after being chained to a street pole by its human partner. He died within the walls of the Zarcone clinic, where he fought with strength and dignity for three long and endless days, surrounded by a whole team of vets who stayed by his side until the end.

The sad announcement was announced this evening at 01:18 by the volunteers of the association Work from the office in Palermo, who managed to get foster care for the dog a few hours ago: “We just got a call from the clinic. Aaron is no longer here. His body couldn’t take it, even though he fought to the end.’

Lav, who is based in Palermo, again a few hours before this sad announcement informed everyone who was worried about the poor dog with a video taken directly from the clinic where the animal was hospitalized.

They spoke on video Giorgia Matesichief Lav Palermo, medical director of the veterinary clinic Paolo Zarcone and the physician in charge of intensive care Silvia Testa.

Dr. Testa herself highlighted the critical aspects of Aron’s clinical picture, which, despite his desire to fight, then disappeared during the night. “Since the evening he was brought in, Aron’s condition has always been serious. the dog had severe burns over 80% of its body surface. From the data we have in the literature, this is a dramatic state of sa reserved and potentially unhappy prognosis, but there are always options and our staff is working hard to try to support Aron in this battle that he is fighting. He is a patient truly gifted with great strength. Despite what he has been through, he is still with us and of course we guarantee him analgesia in all respects. Of course it entails significant pain. The problem arises from the fact that, in addition to the lessons mentioned, all the organs suffer a little, and after a few days we see this suffering. We currently have problems managing body fluids precisely because of the changes that this altered epidermis represents, and unfortunately the kidneys are currently the most affected organs and are not functioning adequately. In the next few hours, probably tonight or tomorrow morning, we should evaluate what the best course of action is for Aron’s sake.”

His life was snuffed out by the man he considered family. The man, on the other hand, was capable of causing him such suffering, as cruel and bitter as the betrayal he had in store for him.

Aron isn’t here anymore, though his soul is now light finally freed from the chain to which he was bound, thus condemning him to hell on earth.

For three days we remained in suspense, hoping for a happy ending to this story of cruelty and human treachery. Unfortunately, this very story, another of the abuse of an innocent person, ended tonight within the walls of the veterinary clinic, where the animal died in the arms of the veterinarians who, despite being strangers to him, remained close to him. , will give him all possible love and care to ease his suffering. What is certain, however, is that the only right end Everything can be written about this story and the authors this time will be the judges called to express their opinion according to the law on the person responsible for this serious crime, already identified by the police.

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