Astore falls and remains on the ground with a head injury and a broken beak: healed he will now be able to fly freely again

Goshawk rescued by Crassus of Campomorone in the province of Genoa

He was found unconscious on the ground near a house in the hills of Sestri Ponente in the province Genoa. His condition seemed serious from the start. Now, thanks to the care of the Wild Animal Recovery Centre, he will be able to fly freely again.

A story with a happy ending comes from Liguria hawk (Accipiter Gentiles), seriously injured after hitting a wall or window, probably in a predation attempt. A head injury is an unmistakable, clear sign of a violent impact.

The sample was found lifeless by a woman who immediately initiated contact with rescuers. Goshawk arrived at Cras of Campomorone, also in the province of Genoa, in state of unconsciousness with broken beak and one abundant blood loss.


“He was in life threatening critical – they say from Enpa – we immediately provided all emergency care, including hot drops, antibiotics and painkillers. After a few days, we are happy to announce it he gradually recovered. Gradually he began to feed and stand upright. Once the critical phase was over, the vet could deal with the broken beak, which, although no longer bleeding, risked causing serious survival issues once the hawk was released. A special non-toxic resin was applied to the beak, which hardened in the air and made it possible complete welding».

“Our guest soon he will be able to regain his heaven – they conclude from Cras in Genoa – once again we thank the lady and all the people who decide not to look away when they come across an animal in trouble”.

This is one of the first entries of 2024 to Cras of Campomorone which in 2023 it welcomed 2,176 animals, almost a thousand were won directly by Enpa volunteers. According to the conclusion published by the institution, the total number of hospitalized animals is divided into 116 species, of which 20 enjoy special protective measures (157/92). The animal that got into Cras the most was quickwith 355 examples. This is followed by blackbirds, collared doves, mallard ducks, hedgehogs, roe deer, gulls and raptors, by far the most represented predators are especially owls (36).

There is also a large number of bats, almost 100 specimens of various species are hospitalized. Throughout the year, Cras also hosts rare and unexpected species such as cranes, polecats, lesser eagles, red-tailed eagles and eagle-owls.

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