Bending Spoons buys the app that the 5 Star Movement loves the most

New acquisition for bending spoons. A Milanese company that was founded in 2013 and has become in a few years one of the world leaders in the development and marketing of smartphone applicationsin fact, it announced that it had signed a takeover agreement on January 5th Meeting, a social platform that connects diverse groups of people around the world based on common interests. In Italy, it was made famous by the 5 Star Movement, which used it especially at first to organize meetings of militants.

Tell the whole community of the service founded in New York in 2002 it was Luca Ferrari himselfco-founder and CEO of Bending Spoons, with a post on the Meetup blog in which he emphasized his desire to share news directly with the public, specifying that the acquisition should be fully completed by the end of January.

After this deadline, the commitment of the Milanese company will be revealed what are your future plans with respect to the american platform. It joins a range of products that include Spliceone of the best video editors in the world in terms of revenue, Reminian AI-based image editor that allows users to restore and enhance old, grainy photos and Evernote, an app that helps users organize ideas, projects, and to-do lists. Bending Spoons was also a company during the coronavirus emergency who developed the Immuni app.

Meeting – Ferrari writes on the platform blog – it has a strong global brand, a large and vibrant user base and a mission that it has strong resonance. It is a force for good around the world and it is our pleasure and privilege to become its new stewards“. Now the intention of the Italian reality is “support Meetup’s future success draw on the skills we have developed in decades of creating high performance digital technology products“.

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