Cdv conference | Investment in build for rent – Box

The management of the Cdv conference presents the event Investing in build or rent, which will take place on February 1, 2024 in Milan, Hotel Scala.

Early bird for registrations received by 6pm on 6 December

Organizers report that a recent study, supported by Lendlease and conducted on two specific cases of Build to Rent in Italy he emphasized economic and social value that this asset class is capable of creating energy saving, efficiency total, digitization, services and employment quality. Calculated value, more than 30 years, v 670 million euros for the context of 6200 inhabitants and in the absence of a regulatory, fiscal and urban framework in line with international best practices, but which would increase ea 2.5 billion if Build to Rent could benefit from the incentive tax rules and regimes in our country as well.

Play a basic rolefor the success of this asset class the presence of a specialized expert operator which is not limited to the collection of fees but it provides services to residents, the building and the community.

Perspective stable returnscreating aservice rental industry and option extract value from the lease are among the drivers of growing investment in Build-to-Rent, which between different formats transitional housing offers an effective response to the new housing needs expressed by auser potential as wide as it is varied.

The third year of the CDV conference is analyzedbuild impact Rents on urban and social structures, factors that affect growth demand for housing for rent and selection criteria target properties. Special attention will also be givenvertical integration in response to the growing demand for product z institutional investorsto share goals between ownership and management and Build to Rent variations to satisfy household goods of the gray area in accordance with the objectives innovation, sustainability and regeneration that inspire residential development in our country.

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