Construction bonuses 2024, discover all the benefits for your home

The new year brings novelty for those who do work at home? Whether it’s work one family or interventions into condominiumthere are various changes for i construction bonuses 2024starting with superbonus and passing through credit assignmentbut not only.

Let’s find out everything there is to know home bonus 2024 get the most out of them, examine under a magnifying glass the benefits confirmed for the new year, those modified and those that will no longer be applicable.

Super bonus 2024

The 2024 super bonus formula provides that the applicable deduction will increase from 90% in 2023 to 70%. PUSH Budget Act of 2024It further provides that the capital gain on the resale of a house that has been renovated with superbonus 110 will be taxed at a rate of 26%. It should also be noted decree approved at the last minute in the Council of Ministers of 28 December 2023, introducing an amnesty for construction sites already started during 2023, but only for those who meet certain requirements. An extraordinary allowance for low incomes was also approved.

Ecobonus 2024

It is included in the package home bonus 2024 also ecobonus, one Irpef deduction be used in 10 years during the tax return, it can vary between 50% and 75% depending on the type of work performed. From February 17, 2023, when the “Decree on Transfers” entered into force, it is no longer possible to choose an “invoice discount” or to transfer a tax credit corresponding to the deduction owed for energy efficiency interventions set out in Article 14 of Legislative Decree 63/2013.

Renovation bonus

Renovation bonus was extended to 2024 of Meloni’s government with the budget law. It goes o.a 50% Irpef deduction for renovation work. The deduction can be made for a period of 10 years and in equal amounts from 50% of the costs incurred for routine and extraordinary maintenance interventions. The spending ceiling is 96,000 euros per property unit.

How does the window bonus 2024 work?

It doesn’t actually exist window bonuses real. However, it is still possible to get discounts on exchange of furnishings. For this you can mainly use two building bonuses: theeco bonus and renovation bonusboth at 50%.


Seismabonus stipulates that for expenses incurred from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2024 deduction of 50% calculated at a maximum amount of EUR 96,000 per property unit (for each year), divided into 5 annual installments of the same amount. Deduction on 70 or 80% refers to interventions that reduce the seismic risk of class 1 or 2, and after carrying out work on the common parts of apartment buildings, it will be equal to80 or 85% (supersimabonus).

Green bonus

The green bonus, on the other hand, is a benefit intended for the care of gardens, terraces and open spaces, which relate to residential real estate. In detail, this means a 36% discount within the spending limit of 5,000 euros (divided into ten annual installments of the same amount). However, expenses not included in the 2024 Green Bonus are:

  • routine maintenance: of existing gardens and with a regular regularity, not encouraging any innovations;
  • purchase of specific equipment: shovels, picks and lawnmowers;
  • work interventions by the owner.

Furniture bonuses 2024

In 2024, the bonus formula for furniture (or appliance bonus 2024), changing parameters compared to previous years. From 1 January 2024, expenditure up to a maximum limit of €5,000 will be eligible for the purchase of furniture and large appliances to equip a property undergoing renovation and heritage restoration. Last year, however, the maximum deductible amount was 8,000 euros.

2024 Architectural Barrier Bonus

The 2024 Architectural Barrier Bonus can only be applied to the implementation of interventions involving stairs, ramps, lifts, stairlifts and lifting platforms and is limited to existing buildings. L’75% discountin fact, it consists in the elimination of vertical obstacles.

How does the facade bonus work in 2024?

No news for facade bonus. As is known, the budget maneuver for 2021 reduced the benefit from 90% to 60% before extending it until December 31, 2022. However, the facade bonus was already phased out in 2023 and it will not be possible to withdraw expenses for facade work even in 2024.

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