Design icons: what are they and where to place them in the home? Here’s a semi-serious guide on how to avoid mistakes

And we’re at our pink quota, although in this case it’s definitely yellow! Yes, because this iconic lamp created for Martinelli Luce by Gae Aulenti – the only product designed by a woman to reach the top of the charts – today it has a new look that definitely makes it pop. The undoubtedly exuberant outfit of Mrshe is a lady of such high birth that she was born to supply the Olivetti stores in Paris and Buenos Aires. But on the other hand, a diva of such caliber she never gets upset when faced with new “hair and makeup”. After all, it has gone through the years with style, changing color and size like a fashion lighting icon. From large to small, from normal to Mini and Medium to the latest 4.0 that not only illuminates but also reproduces the natural light trend, however you want it, it’s here. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the table, on the bedside table, on the coffee table or next to the sideboard, Pipistrello never disappoints. She is beautiful day and night, like a star that knows no schedule. And now, in its new version, it fits into living spaces and color-neutral rooms, creating a visual contrast capable of influencing perception.

Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro and their Zanotta-designed Sacco continue to challenge the laws of domestic geometry.

Courtesy of Zanotta

Sit with a straight back? But please, this looks like a directive from almost half a century ago! At least since Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro decided to teach us a lesson in relaxation and with the complicity of Zanotta, they waved the anthem of disorder. “This is not an armchair,” the ’69 poster defiantly declared. “You can call it that, but for us those definitions are out of fashion. And so Sacco, the sinner of living room poses, continues to dominate the world of seating as a design dissident after more than fifty years, ready to overturn the established order and break the mold with its indeterminate form in the living room. He does not respect the rules, he challenges the laws of domestic geometry, he is a tireless friend of young people, because he is constantly looking for a “permanent job”, but he always adapts to everything. design dissident, challenges the laws of domestic geometry, even in the studio, even as Fracchia, the accountant par excellence, tries to maintain an air of seriousness when you sit in a famous movie Superfantozzi from 1986, directed by Neri Parenti and based on characters created by Paolo Villaggio.

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