Do you have a potted lavender plant? Here’s how to care for it in winter

A few preventive measures are enough for our lavender to survive the winter and return to blooming in summer.

PUSH lavender it is a potted plant present in many households: colorful and beautiful, intoxicating with a delicate aroma and also has many beneficial properties for our organism (relaxing and promoting good rest) and for our environment (repelling mosquitoes, among other things).

However, let’s not forget that lavender is a plant that blooms during the summer months, between June and August. If we host lavender on a balcony or terrace, we must protect it from the cold and bad weather during the winter so that it will flourish again next summer.

A few simple measures are enough to maintain the health of our plant and give it a cold season without harm: here are our tips.


The advantage of potted plants (but not just lavender) is that you can move them to get as much exposure to the little winter light as possible, or to shelter them when the weather is inclement outside.

If our balcony is exposed to the sun, even for a few hours a day, we expose the plants to natural light, and in case of rain or at night we have to hide them under the porch or in an open and unheated garage.

It is not a good idea to bring lavender indoorsbecause the temperature in our apartment is too high (also due to the presence of stoves or radiators) and we would risk damaging the plant.


If the pot is small and the plant small, a layer of mulch at the base of the stems is superfluous – but the situation changes in the case of a very large plant.

We can do a place a thin layer of mulch at the base of the stems using straw or dry leaves roughly crushed by hand: this cover will protect the plant from frost damage.


Good drainage is essential for a healthy and thriving plant: to avoid the risk of root rot and plant death, make sure the pots have drainage holes at the bottom.

We also create a drainage layer at the bottom of the flower pot, under the soil, using gravel or peanut shells.


Remember that in the winter lavender requires less water than in the summer season because the plant is in a “rest” phase.

A tip for perfect watering even in winter is to touch the soil with your hands before watering water only when completely dry.


In the end, it is very important isolate the container with lavender, which protects it from the cold and at the same time guarantees proper air circulation.

We can wrap an old sheet or a jute bag around the pot, if we have one: that way the roots of the plant will be better protected from the cold.

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