Green kitchen: 7 trendy models for 2024

The colorful kitchen are trending. But green kitchen it is the undisputed queen among them all. Which shade to choose? The fact that this color, and olive in particular, is a trend, we already revealed when we talked to you about the colors you must have for 2024. Today we confirm this choice by saying that green will be the most popular shade not only for the walls of our rooms, but also with regard to furniture, especially kitchen furniture.

Associated with calm and nature, this color is synonymous with sophistication and elegance, especially when chosen in specific shades. Which ones are they? Here, we’ve collected seven of them for you to take inspiration from.

1. Grass green: to mix with marble and patterns

The kitchen, with wooden furniture and exposed shelves, plays with the English country style, but also with a more oriental atmosphere, thanks to the soft wallpaper that personalizes the wall. An extra touch? Marble countertop with wavy details and refurbished sink. Project signed by an interior designer Nels Crothwaite Eyre for a manor in Wiltshire, a county in the south-west of England.

Meadow green wooden kitchen: a quiet corner inside a manor house in the south of England. The project was designed by Hampshire-based studio Eyre Interiors.

Nels Crosthwaite Eyre – Eyre Interiors. Photo by Katrina Lawson Johnson

2. Mint green: yes combination with chrome details

A soft pastel shade meets the modernity of the design: a combination designed by the architectural studio UNA for the artisanal and minimalist luxury kitchen at Villa Ca’ Paradisiola on the island of Filicudi. The signature of Officine Gullo, which combines the magic of colors with that typical of metals with this professional block. Integrated sink, neutral worktop, gas burners and induction hob in the upper part complete with pull-out modules with dishwasher, double drawers and oven. Target? It is RAL 6021 Glossy Pale Green

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