Kills a cat with a shotgun: Prosecutors in Perugia demand an immediate sentence for a 73-year-old man

PUSH Prosecutor’s office in Perugia asked for an immediate sentence for the 73-year-old accused of killing a cat with a rifle shot in Gualdo Tadino on October 12, 2023. Deputy Public Prosecutor Gianpaolo Mocetti accused of unlawfully shooting the cat with a rifle shot, causing its death, and then carrying the body away and dumping it on a neighboring property.

The animal was fatally wounded in the city center at close range, due to the high number of pellets found in a corpse after an X-ray examination. The body was later found in an uncultivated area in the Gualda village of Vaccara.

According to the reconstructions, the man shot the cat because of that he walked on wet concrete thrown by him on his land. The alleged perpetrator of the gesture was reported by forest carabinieri Gualdo Tadino and three firearms and over 500 legally held cartridges.

In the proceedings, the pets of the animal and the associations “Paws that give a hand”, “Respect for animals” and “Gaia, animals and the environment” are offended.

Lawyer Giada Bernardi from the “Zampe che podejte ruku” association also spoke about the case during the meeting. “Respect and love for animals”, which took place in Rome, at the Sala della Promoteca in the Campidoglio, last December. “Things are changing, thanks to complaints, those who abuse animals will not go unpunished,” said Bernardi. I don’t know if you remember, for example, the case of the cat shot by a man in Gualdo Tadino. My association “Zampe che podat ruku” filed the complaint in November and the notification from the Perugia court just arrived very quickly. Something is movingยป.

The association also reported on the killing of Oreste, a two-and-a-half-year-old Czechoslovakian wolfdog, who was shot by a hunter last December 16 in the countryside on the Palaia hills in the province of Pisa. In front of your pet.

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