One night in Frosinone, three wild boars were hit by a car

On the night of January 8-9, there were three traffic accidents in the province of Frosinone they engaged wild boars. The Carabinieri intervened in all three cases.

The first accident occurred in the Sant’Oliva district of Pontecorvo, near a cemetery, where a car hit a wild boar and threw it onto an adjacent hillside.. The animal died as a result of the impact.

Carabinieri also intervened in Roccasecca, where a Fiat Panda hit a wild pig without killing it. The car sustained significant damage.

Finally, the last accident happened in Veroli, in the Tor dei Venti district, where the patrol Boville Ernica had to intervene: another wild boar was hit by a car. The animal’s condition is unknown at this time.

Over the course of twenty years, wild boars have reached Italy from north to south, and the reasons for this growth are varied and largely attributable human activities. These include: the abandonment of inland areas and cultivated fields, a decline in the number of natural predators of feral pigs like a wolfreleased into the wild for hunting purposes and probably the increasingly mild winters caused by global warming.

A situation that does not only affect Italy, but occurs throughout Europe, with consequences that affect both wild boars and humans. The movement around the county is actually wild boars cause crop damage. Another problem is actually traffic accidents: every 41 hoursIn reality, there will be a traffic accident with a clawed animal. And it’s often the wild boars that get it the worst. But there can also be deaths and injuries among people.

Last October, the Lazio region authorized the selective killing of wild boars in territorial area 1 in the province of Frosinone. So ungulates they will have to pay the bill a situation for which they are not responsible. Not to mention that, as already pointed out, one of the reasons for the increase in their numbers is the release of these animals for hunting purposes.

However, it is possible to avoid accidents with wild boars follow some precautions: if we are in the car and encounter a wild boar, first it is better to turn off the high beamsbecause they could block the animal in the middle of the road.

Then we have to watch out for sounds: the grunting of wild boars is very similar to that of pigs and easy to recognize. It could allow us to detect the presence of these animals before we encounter them.

Additionally, when you start driving and traveling on roads where you might encounter wildlife, it’s always best to proceed with caution and remember that animals they do not see the road as a danger.

And this is especially true for wild boars, who are “explorers” by nature. And they push themselves to ever new places, on patrol.

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