Paris 2024 Olympics, the railway bridge speaks Italian: the symbolic work is made in Treviso

Italian will also be spoken at the Olympics in Paris 2024. Or rather, one of the symbolic infrastructures planned for the great French event will do so. The link is at road bridge with a total length of 300 meters, a steel structure from which the first 105 meters were launched over the weekend. The heroes were the technicians Construction of Maeg.

Next week another 50 meters will be pushed over the temporary pile and then the last 60 for this year.

It is the part of the road bridge that Vazzola (Treviso) has a contractual obligation to deliver before the “Paris 24” Olympic Games. The remaining 105 meters will be built after the event.

The work also includes a parallel footbridgealready delivered ready, which will facilitate the transit of Olympic athletes from the accommodation to the competition venues, now separated by 48 tracks of the railway that leads to St-Denis station.

Part of the project is the entire work with a volume of 8,000 tons of steel Franchise Urbain Pleyel commissioned by the client Plaine Commune Development of Paris for 55 million euros on Maeg Costruzioni, a company of the Alfea Ortolan family, with headquarters in Vazzolo (Treviso) and five factories between Venice and Friuli, with more than 900 employees and a trend turnover of 115 million euros in 2023.

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