Pixar also shoots

Pixar is planning it reduce content production and therefore has in time more staff than is really necessary. That would be the reason as stated TechCrunchthe production company purchased in 2006 by Disney would be ready eliminate several jobs.

Especially according to what the American newspaper reported, by the end of 2024, around 20% of the company’s workforce could be laid offwith reduction from 1300 units current a less than a thousand. However, from Emeryville confirms the forecast of cuts and ensured that they were in no way threatened, however they made it known that the numbers were not still not sure and that in reality the farewell that will be celebrated will not affect their film production.

In fact, according to some insiders, the Pixar layoffs may include employees hired for Disney+. These are units that would therefore be hired by a production company to produce content for the streaming platform an entertainment giant that has yet to turn a profit.

Disney plans to bring its streaming service out of the red by the fourth quarter of 2024thanks also to the restructuring of the company, which “he allowed – he explained CEO Bob Igerenormous efficiency“: In the fourth quarter of 2022, Disney+ almost lost 1.5 billion dollarsin the last three months of 2023 “only” 387 million.

In June 2023, as the agency points out ReutersPixar was already cutting corners 75 positions, including the two executives. The trigger for what was effectively the company’s first significant wave of layoffs was box office flop A light year. Subsequently, despite a slow start, Elementary instead, he found favor with the public and almost made a profit 500 million dollars in ticket sales worldwide and becomes the most watched movie on Disney+ in the last quarter of the year.

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