Chinese skeptic Lai Ching-te wins Taiwan’s presidential election

Chinese skeptic Lai Ching-te wins Taiwan's presidential election

Supporters of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) await the announcement of official results at the January 13, 2024 convention in Taipei, Taiwan. Annabelle Chih | Getty Images News | Getty Images TAIPEI – Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party won an unprecedented third consecutive presidential term as incoming leader Lai Ching-te vowed to remain open in … Read more

Why the US can extend its reign as the world’s leading economy

Why the US can extend its reign as the world's leading economy

The US, China and India may take turns leading the global economy this century, according to an analysis by the Center for Economic and Business Research. The CEBR forecast suggests that China could potentially take the top spot as the world’s largest economy by gross domestic product as early as 2037. The forecast also sees … Read more