Terni will also have its own animal cemetery: The municipality approves the address

Also Terni will have his pet cemetery. On Monday, January 8, the municipal council of the city of Umbria approved an ordinance to establish a pet cemetery. The space in which it will be built has already been identified: it will be built on areas owned by the municipality via Madonna del Monumentonear the extension of the municipal cemetery area in Terni.

The law also gives the go-ahead for proceedings to grant a concession for the design, construction and management of a pet cemetery and asks Terni Networksthe company of the municipality of Terni to submit its own proposal.

The request for an animal cemetery was raised by city councillors Federica Mengaroni and Maria Elena Gambini, who filed a deed of address in December for the establishment of a burial ground for four-legged friends. A need expressed by many citizens of Terni.

In Italy, the need for pets to have a place where they can bury their lifelong companions is growing more and more. This is because saying goodbye to an animal is an extremely painful moment and it can happen even more when you have nowhere to bury it and be able to go back and say goodbye.

Just these days in fact Municipality of Bologna is working to establish a cremation facility for dogs, cats and other pets with an adjacent small farewell room at the Borgo Panigale cemetery. You want to say goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend for the last time.

As the Animal Welfare Delegate of the Municipality of Bologna, Lorenzo Cipriani, explained to Kodami “the plant could already be ready between late 2024 and early 2025». Pet cemeteries are increasing in all regions, from Piedmont to Sicily. It is the most famous and also the oldest pink house, on via dell’Imbrecciato in Rome. It was founded more than a hundred years ago, in 1923. Among other things, dogs of the royal family and former presidents of the republic are bred there Sandro Pertini and Giovanni Leone.

However, the world’s first pet cemetery was born in northwest Paris, in Asnières-sur-Seinein 1899. Among the resting animals is also Rin Tin Tin.

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