The 6 steepest slopes in Italy: find out where they are

Italy boasts beautiful slopes spread across different regions. The most famous ski resorts generally boast slopes for all experiences and abilities; however, it is normal for more experienced skiers to want to test themselves on black slopes. So if you are looking for what they are the steepest slopes in Italyhere are some routes that require a lot of preparation and skill.

Spinale Direttissima, Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio, a famous ski resort in the Dolomites, is known not only for its alpine charm, but also for offering some of the steepest slopes in Italy. It stands out among these Spinal rectus. With a slope that sometimes reaches 70%it is 2400 meters long and faces a height difference of 585 meters.

The area is also well known lane 3-3, also used for important plants. Also worth a walk the center of the earth, where you can find shops, places to stop for food or typical and characteristic views. Finally, there is no shortage of winter activities for non-skiers and things to see.

Piculin, San Vigilio di Marebbe

The Piculin slope, located in San Vigilio di Marebbe, is a real testing ground for skiers who are not afraid of challenges. With a slope that reaches 78%This descent is quite long, approximately 2 kilometers. The Piculin slope is located in the heart of the resort Plan de Coronesinternationally recognized ski area.

San Vigilio therefore also boasts a characteristic historic center with the church of the same name, several slopes that reach up to San Martino in Badia or Brunico and many must-see natural sights such as Green Lake, a popular destination for many summer hikes.

Three Franco Berthod, La Thuile

If you move to Valle d’Aosta, you will find the track Three Franco Berthod from La Thuile. WITH maximum slope of almost 73%, this slope was named after Franco Berthod, a local alpine skiing champion, and is recognized as one of the the hardest black slopes in Italy. The difference in altitude is approximately 800 meters if you start at 2310 and arrive at 1510.

La Thuile is located on the border between France and Italy connected via Little St. Bernard Pass. In addition to various options for trekking or snowshoe trips (depending on the season), many attractions can be visited in the vicinity, such as Lake Arpy or the Cromlech, which is a monument from the 1st millennium BC

Nera Cervino, Cervinia

On the other side of the Aosta Valley region you will meet the track Black Matterhorn: one of the steepest to be found in Breuil-Cervinia, a place known for its spectacular scenery. This route stands out because of the slope that swings around 65% It is height difference of 250 metersextending over 1200 meters.

So there is no shortage of fun in Breuil-Cervinia after trying such difficult slopes. The the center of the ski resort it offers shops, restaurants and lots of vitality at all hours of the day. In addition, the area is connected to the Zermatt area of ​​Switzerland, allowing you to ski in two different countries.

Pista Paradiso, Tonale

The Paradiso slope in Passo del Tonale is a real gem for skiers looking for strong emotions. Known for its striking tiltwhich is at its maximum 45%, it is also known because the departure is located above this 3000 meters high, offers a breathtaking view. The length and height difference are no less either: we are talking about 3 kilometers of descent with 700 meters of elevation gain.

The famous and steep slope is located between Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige. Nearby you will also find the famous town of Ponte di Legno, a city Val Camonica rich in history and beautiful natural landscapes. In addition, since it is a tourist location, there is no shortage of opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Saslong slope, Santa Cristina Val Gardena

This black track is famous for hosting several World Cup races. It is located in a wonderful ski area Val Gardenahas a maximum slope of 56.9%, height difference of 590 meters aa length over 2360 meters. It was built in 1968 and hosted some of the greatest ski champions and continues to fascinate all lovers of the sport.

In the town, not far from Ortisei, you can admire some ancient churches and a rare Bauhaus-style chapel built in an Alpine context. So skiing here means experiencing great and well-snowed slopes, but also exploring this side of the province of Bolzano.

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