The dog risks choking on a cob, the Carabinieri rescue him

A story with a happy ending comes from the city today Catania, in Sicily, where the Carabinieri rescued a Jack Russell dog that was suffocating due to corn kernels found on the street and ingested.

A small dog, by name Mailonhe was in the company of his companion, a thirty-five-year-old woman, and her son, an eleven-year-old boy. It was the woman’s scream that attracted the attention of the carabinieri, who were fortunately in the area and who intervened to save the animal after the emergency was called.

The dog, which ate the corn found on the asphalt, was escorted by the army to the veterinary clinic together with its dog.

On the way to the vet, a carabiniere tried it, who saw the animal stop breathing early life-saving maneuver, which proved to be effective and decisive as it allowed the dog to expel the piece of food lodged in his trachea and finally start breathing again.

Upon arrival at the clinic, the veterinarian found that the animal was out of danger and after providing first aid, released it and handed it over to its human, who was worried about his four-legged friend.

The Carabinieri were waiting outside the door of the clinic for the dog and his human, who were thrilled to see little Mailon finally energetic and free from the obstacles that had caused his death.

Unfortunately, it can happen that peaceful walks with our four-legged friends can quickly turn into terrible tragedies. One of the main inconveniences that worries many housemates is the risk that animals could eat anything they find on the street. This behavior can be caused by various factors, such as anxiety, the dog’s lack of satiety or, especially in puppies, a simple curiosity to learn about the world through taste.

The essential advice remains to always be alert when walking and try to prevent situations that could develop into unpleasant episodes.

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