The Isola neighborhood in the top 10 “coolest” neighborhoods in the world

Milan is asserting itself as an increasingly international destination, especially after Time Out magazine cited the Isola district in none other than the top ten “best” neighborhoods to live in. In particular, the ranking puts Isola in eighth place, behind seven equally specific areas of Dublin, Hong Kong, Shanghai and others. But how much does it cost to live in the coolest neighborhoods in the world? Corresponds to the analysis of Abitare Co.

How much does it cost to live in the most amazing neighborhoods in the world

According to Abitare Co The price per square meter of a house in Milan’s Isola district is 6,300 eurosbut certainly not the highest of the neighborhoods mentioned by Time Out. The most expensive neighborhood is actually Sheung Wan in Hong Kong: for a house with an area of ​​80 m2, the required budget is over EUR 2.6 million (EUR 33 thousand per m2), but also Tomigaya in Tokyo he’s not kidding, with his 11.5 thousand euros per square meter, which means 920 thousand euros to buy a house with an area of ​​80 square meters. He watches the surroundings Ported in Copenhagenwhere 80 square meters cost 768,000 euros (9,600 euros per square meter) and West in Amsterdam, with 632,000 euros per house and 7,900 euros per square meter. On the other hand, the neighborhood ranked first in terms of coolness is also the cheapest: v Colombia, in the neighborhood of Laureles (Medellin), we have a price per square meter of €1,950.

Isola district in Milan

L’Isola, the only Italian district to appear in the international ranking, is a historic district of Milan that has been transformed over the past fifteen years by the regeneration of the nearby area. New door. The area’s transformation has boosted house prices, and thanks to a post-exhibition redevelopment that has lasted more than seven years, the neighborhood now hosts colorful street art and balances the new with the old, with architecture that ranges from elegant buildings from the 20th century to renovated balustrade houses.

Top 10 most amazing neighborhoods in the world

Characteristics of the coolest neighborhoods

The District of Columbia Laureles it ranked first as the “coldest” region in the world. Known for its vibrant nightlife, emerging culture and cosmopolitan atmosphere, it retains the character of a traditional Colombian neighborhood. Still, if we consider house prices, the area is last in the Top 10 at €1,950 per m2, down -7.5% compared to the previous year.

Move to Dublinand more precisely in the neighborhood Smithfield (second only to Time Out), the area is known for its mix of history, modernity, central location and vibrant arts scene. In terms of price, the average value of buying a house is €6,800 per square meter, which is almost ten percentage points higher than last year.

District Carabanchel in Madrid it’s a vibrant and dynamic area to explore to immerse yourself in Madrid’s culture. Today, those who want to live in such a stimulating place have to plan a budget of 2,600 euros per m2, with an average increase of +8.3%.

Havnen, the port of Copenhagen, which ranked fourth, is known for being a vibrant, cosmopolitan area with a range of attractions to suit all tastes. At €9,600 per m2, houses have a higher average price.

For the fifth place, we are located in great China, precisely in Sheung Wan, a district located in the northwest of Hong Kong Island. In recent years, Sheung Wan has seen new development, with the opening of art galleries, boutiques and trendy restaurants. It is one of the most expensive places in the world from a real estate point of view, prices reach 33,000 euros per square meter. You will pay over 2.6 million euros for 80 square meters.

Brunswick Eastneighborhood Melbourne, in Australia, in sixth place. A charming area known for its bohemian atmosphere. Here, the cost of apartments is €5,900 per m2, which represents a decrease of -7.3% year-on-year.

Move to New Orleans (seventh place), more precisely to the Mid-City district, you will arrive at a place known for its hospitality and renowned musical history. In this American neighborhood, house costs are 3,200 euros per square meter (+1.3% in 2022).

Skipping the eighth place obtained by the Milanese islandseen earlier, we arrive at the ninth place occupied by the neighborhood West of Amsterdam, a unique blend of Dutch heritage and international energy. The average house price is EUR 7,900 per square meter (-5.7% in 2022).

Japan and its neighborhood could not be missing from the Top 10 Tomigaya in Tokyo, known for its relaxed atmosphere and the perfect place to find great restaurants, bars and shops, as well as immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Prices are high (€11,500 per m2) and you need €920,000 to buy an 80 m2 apartment. Over the past year, prices have increased by +3.6%.

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