The Licata Fire Brigade pulls the puppy out of the manhole

Yesterday afternoon at Faces, in the province of Agrigento, a fire department team rescued a puppy dog ​​from a dangerous situation. In fact, the animal accidentally fell into the manhole Contrada Nicolizio and unable to resurface, began to complain and attracted the attention of a local resident.

Immediately after the first report from the resident, help arrived at the scene. Upon arrival, the firefighter, after checking that the dog was okay, lowered himself into the manhole, reached the puppy and brought him to the surface with him.

Recently, there are more and more cases of animals accidentally falling into dangerous manholes and wells, which can become death traps for animals.

Some time ago in Ponte Felcino, in the province Perugia, a man was stuck in a manhole trying to retrieve his dog. The old man then threw himself down his beloved dog fell in, by chance. More than two hours passed before the friend and his four-legged friend managed to escape from the manhole, which was slowly turning into a manhole. A death trap. Even in that case, the timely intervention of firefighters proved to be essential for the safety of people, animals and, subsequently, the place.

ON Catanzaro instead, an elderly labrador with sight and hearing problems fell into a well along the Via Gimigliano and remained stuck at the bottom. Unable to free him on his own, his human called 112. The responding fireman, who lowered himself into the well, found the frightened animal and spent some time with him to calm him down before pulling him out.

Potholes, shafts and wells that are not adequately protected can easily turn into big ones danger to animals and people. The best advice you can give to your pets and to all citizens in general is because of this pay special attention when walking with your four-legged friends and keep a close eye on the places you choose to explore. In the event that a potentially dangerous environment is detected, it is important to immediately report the situation to the relevant authorities in order to protect everyone, with a request to restore the site.

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