The most beautiful bedrooms on AD Italia and many ideas to copy

House Camille Razatknown as the actress who plays Camille in the series Emily in ParisIt is industrial style loft in the heart of Paris. Describing her choice, the actress shared her love for minimalism and a sense of comfort which he finds in large spaces like the one he now calls home. The bedroom perfectly reflects the soul of the entire loft and maintains an industrial and minimalist style. The room is characterized by two main elements: floor which forms the structure and head of the bed, giving a sense of continuity to the space and big skylight on the ceiling, which illuminates the entire room with wonderful natural light.

A metal headboard designed as a multifunctional piece of furniture

Courtesy of Studioutt

The charm of the rationalist buildings in the central station area of ​​Milan recovers its charm thanks to the conservative and contemporary intervention of the studioutte, namely Guglielmo Giagnotti and Patrizio Gola. In the bedroom, the architects thought of use soft curtains separate and give rhythm to spaces that contrast with the shine of the metal headboard, will give the room a strong scenographic impact. “The headboard is a hollow piece of furniture that we designed from coated wood natural aluminum and welcomes on both sides two wooden storage units removable ones that also work as bedside tables.”

Neutral colors to create a harmonious and elegant environment

Courtesy of Innen Studio.

Inspired by French architecture, this Edwardian-era home San Francisco it’s fascinating a combination of different styles and cultures: English, French and American. Innen Studio, which followed the renovation, through utilization the color of the material AND Transparent managed to give the bedroom an overall atmosphere peace and welcomewhile the use of lime paint helped to create material space and relaxing. Small contrasts created by some dark colored spikes in earthy tones fabric headboard and some wooden element they create a feeling of warm embrace and create an environment comfortable and elegant.

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