Virtual tigers and lions in the Asti circus: the future under the tents is without animals

No cage, much less an aquarium animals obliged to entertain the public with movements and performances that have nothing natural about them. This is the Circus of Alex and Katiuscia Medini, which will stop in Asti in Piazza d’Armi from January 12 to present its show where the animals will be amazing, but only virtually thanks to holographic technology.

The latest production signed by the heirs of a historic Italian circus family with Piedmont roots is called «The great magic of… the circus» and the magic of the show without lions showing off their manes on command or monkeys entertaining children is underlined by the alternation of extremely talented performances, created by humans rather than animals which should never be under a tent.

In addition, the circus is not an environment for them, and now not only animal protectors, but also most people think so: in the world, 50 countries have already introduced a complete or partial ban on exhibitions with animals, and Italy would also be one step further since restoring dignity to the nearly two thousand beings still employed as an attraction in circuses.

It is a pity that the implementation of the enabling law finally approved in July 2022, which established a ban on the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling exhibitions, took place from May 18 of this year to August 18, 2024, thus extending the time to see animals under the marquees.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that any alternative found is far better than what the circus families still offer: including, absolutely, recreate animals using holographic technique, that is, made with innovative technology that gives those who pay for a ticket the certainty of attending a performance where none of them suffered for human entertainment. So the animals will all be virtual, while the real ones will be jugglers, tightrope walkers, trapeze artists and illusionists, as they should be.

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