Which plants, fruit trees or shrubs should be pruned in January (and which definitely shouldn’t)?

Carrying out gardening work even in winter is important to stimulate the flowering of plants. Here’s what you need to prune in January

It’s January the main month of vegetation restand a good time to prune vines or shrubs and fruit trees that can cause problems during winter storms and high winds.

For this reason, it is also necessary to take care of plants and gardening in January. Let’s find out what to prune this month. (Also read: Which plants, trees and vines should be pruned in December?)

Climbing plants



The climbing plants which have produced long, thin new growth since their summer cut (after flowering) need to be kept in check. To prune them, we recommend starting by removing dead, dry and damaged branches.

The plant to care for now is wisteria: cut the newly growing tendrils so that only two or three buds remain; if you want to keep it to cover the wall, you need to make sure that the plant is tied tightly with wires or other support system.

Even ornamental vines and roses they need to be pruned now. As? For vines, you can reduce the new growth to two or three loops from the main branches; while for climbing roses, cut off shoots that have flowered to only a third of their length and tie back any new shoots.




January is also the month to which it is dedicated pruning bushesAs rhododendron. This plant is a shrub with evergreen or deciduous leaves that should generally be pruned in spring, but if It seems bare, this operation can also be done in January with the only precaution, choose a day that is not too cold and harsh.

How to do it? Cut off branches that are too long; proceed with a clean, precise and oblique cut at the height of the first bud. Also remember that all shrubs pruned at this time are better cover them with gardening fleece in a very cold season to protect them from frost and snow.

Fruit trees



Prune apple and pear trees in winter because the plants are still dormant. Try to create an open frame of cup-shaped branches and remove any dead, damaged and dried branches. You can also prune in January currant and gooseberry plantsto maintain the productive structure of healthy branches.

Do not cut plants in January



Better not cut them in January clematis early flowering, otherwise you will not get flowers, although you can cut back slightly those that bloom from mid-summer. Pruning is also best avoided bushesas hydrangea AND buddleiaand wait until the end of winter and then proceed towards March. If they have grown to the point where they could damage walls or buildings, you can cut them back by a third and another third in February.

Let them too stone fruit trees such as plums, plums, cherries and apricots until summer; pruning will now make them prone to silver leaf fungal infections.

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