White week in the Italian Alps

PUSH ski season came to life: mountains are covered with snow installation they work at full capacity and the possibilities to make the most of winter are countless and can satisfy even the most demanding.

Each year, mountainous locations they are gearing up to be atavant-garde, with modern equipment, slopes worthy of it the Winter Olympic Games and new ways to enjoy the view andoutdoor physical activity. With that, the adrenaline rises stunts in snow parkschallenges between friends on more demanding slopesromantic nights with snowshoes under the moon and the joy of rediscovering a child’s spirit with sledding and skating.

In a suggestive environment Italian Alps that’s why we chose the best destination spend a holiday in the snow. Just choose one of ours holiday homes and enjoy it White week!

Discover the Aosta Valley

PUSH Valle d’Aosta hosts some of the the most prestigious peaks in the Alps and attracts thousands of winter sports enthusiasts every year.

The Mont BlancThe Monte RosaThe Matterhorn and Gran Paradiso with their out 3000 meters the altitude offers the best conditions for its operation Alpine skiingThe free rideit snowboardingThe freestyle and it Cross-country skiing.

Among the most famous locations, La Thuille (150 km of downhill tracks) e Cervinia (105 km of downhill tracks) both appreciate the most beginner skiersthanks to the width of their slopes that you give more Expertswhich have several black pistes available for you to test yourself on unique landscapes.

Holiday homes in the Aosta Valley

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Discover Trentino Alto Adige

With his breathtaking views AND modern and safe systemsThe Trentino Alto Adige it is an ideal destination for one snow holiday. In the province Bolzano they exist well 1203 km of slopes from which you can enjoy the spectacle Dolomites. The region also has countless sunny days which allows you to enjoy a break between one descent and another, relaxing on one of the many sunbeds sheds scattered across the slopes.

For family ski weekfine Val Gardenathere are many ski and snowboard schools that offer the service”Kindergarten in the snow“. From a beautiful location Canazei you can start unmissable Tour of the Sella Rondaan extraordinary ski tour that crosses 4 passes of the Dolomites 40 km long.

The entire campus is included Dolomiti Superskione of the most important Italian and world ski areas.

Holiday homes in Trentino Alto Adige

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Discover Friuli Venezia Giulia

Although the peaks Friuli Venezia Giulia are not among the highest in the Alps, the regional ski offer offers the opportunity to practice all of them skiing disciplinessurrounded by uncontaminated nature, millennial fir forests AND frozen lakes.

IN regional ski areawhich contains 118 km of cross-country trails AND 131 km of slopes for alpine skiingwe find a beautiful city Tarvisioespecially loved cross-country skiers and fans snowshoe trips.

The skiing sector is also well known Sella Nevea-Caninfrom which it is possible to go to Slovenian territory continue the fun on the slopes across the Alps. Enjoy it wild beauty of this area since modern cablewayPrevail“, which connects Sella Neve with 2133 meters above sea level Golevec saddle.

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Discover Lombardy

For those who like to switch sports moments of relaxation, shopping AND Secular life, Province of Sondrioin Lombardyoffers a number of proposals that will make your holiday truly special.

You can choose from an exclusive city Bormiofamous for his spahis charm and “slow skiing“A Livignowhere you can alternate sporting activities with shopping in its beautiful shops and diversify your evenings”après ski”, trendy events organized by many clubs in this city.

Don’t leave without trying them gastronomic delicacies of this region: from pizzoccheri to polenta, from Alpine cheeses to bresaola. AND White week which gives everyone consent.

Holiday homes in the province of Sondrio

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Discover Piedmont

The name of this region, Piedmont, means “at the foot of the mountain” and immediately makes us think of the magnificent peaks that frame it. Mountain lovers will find many places to spend their winter holidays without leaving the easily accessible capital of Piedmont. beautiful ski resorts.

In fact, we can find it only 50 minutes by car Bardonecchiathe city where magic mountain town and modernity of the prestigious ski resort met. Thanks to its proximity to the city, it is a popular destination for the inhabitants of Turin, where they can spend the day skiing, but its 100 km of slopes they also attract numerous tourists from all over Italy and beyond.

A famous alpine village Nurse instead it is about 95 km from Turin. This well-known location is part of the international area of ​​the so-called Milky Wayfulcrum XX Winter Olympic Games from 2006. Don’t miss a single one night descent on “Giovanni Alberto Agnelli” lighted track.just where the great champions world Cup.

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Discover other holiday homes in the province of Turin

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