10 Big Events of 2024

Politics, economics and sports. In a period of severe destabilization in terms of international relations, 2024 promises to be a year full of initiatives of global importance.
In addition to the important elections around the world (from the European Union to the United States via Russia, India, Iran and Taiwan) that we have already discussed wired, 2024 will see dissolution‘Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh, or the Republic of Armenia self-proclaimed independent of Azerbaijan in the 1990s and which will no longer exist from next January 1. 2024 will also be seen NATO’s largest military exercise since the fall of the Berlin Wall, inauguration of Nusantarathe new capital of Indonesia, as well as Italian G7 Presidency it’s the first”United Nations Summit for the Future, during which a major international organization asks itself the question of how to solve the most pressing global crises and emergencies. But there will also be space for great sports, with Olympic Games in Paris they European Football Championship in Germany.

As we look at the new year, here, then, the ten most significant events of international importance in 2024 for Wired.

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