Milan National Dog Defense League 2023 numbers

The National League for the Defense of the Milan Dog Group was created solely with the aim of raising the profile of the shelter’s guests and keeping in touch between volunteers, supporters and adopters. Another purpose is to inform about the need for help (food, blankets, etc.) and about events organized by volunteers or other persons in order to raise funds for the shelter.

Figures for 2023

In our shelter, 275 dogs and 95 cats were received and 277 dogs and 94 cats were adopted.
24 extraordinary applications, including eight dwarf rabbits and seven guinea pigs, for twenty-four equally extraordinary adoptions.
200 animals operated on by our veterinary staff.

Separate retreat

A state-of-the-art retreat, recently renovated to provide maximum comfort to all guests Laura Rossi President of the Association, achieved with tenacity. In July 2023, Laura unfortunately left us after a long illness, leaving behind her profession as a professional classical dancer and dedicating her whole life to found dogs and cats.

At Hinterland Refuge, Andrea, Cristina, Elisa and a number of very young volunteers continue their work, while Esther takes care of our administrative office. The time volunteers give to the Sanctuary is precious, “allowing every 4 paws to go outside for long walks twice a day”.

This place was born thanks to a land donation that was made the day after the previous shelter, which had been open since 1950, closed. Among the guests of the shelter were also two hens and newly arrived puppies. “We have been here since 1991 and this is one of the first sections of the Dog League born in Italy. Today, the sanctuary works in agreement with many municipalities in Lombardy, but also helps areas of southern Italy that often find themselves in trouble with overcrowded kennels.


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