10 words of the economy of 2024

After years on the rise, Inflation is to decline in 2024 and with it the interest rates that the central banks have raised to record levels in recent months. But the descent will not be as fast as the ascent, with some threatening effects on the performance of the economy global. One of the risks that worries analysts the most is just that recession which, while less aggressive than what has been seen in the past, could play out within the year first in the United States and then in Europe, bringing a wave of defaults among companies unable to pay their debts, squeezed by high interest rates and stable turnover with a sharp rise in inflation.

On both sides of the Atlantic, we will see until 2024 strong investment in the defense sectorwith companies in the segment that could use the market. It’s all because of rising geopolitical tensions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, where China continues to flex its muscles on Taiwan: NATO, the Atlantic alliance led by the Pentagon, is forecasting a record budget of over $2 billion for 2024 and beyond. The European Union created record numbers in the budgetespecially for research and development of innovative military solutions.

In the Eurozonedigital eurogiven that the so-called “preparatory phase” by creating regulations and identifying technology partners, it will really come to life. It will be a key year for the future of the single European currency in digital format, also as the European Parliament (which will reconvene in June) continues to examine the rules that will project of the European Central Bank (ECB). “The digital euro is a joint European project and to create a successful final product, technical and legislative work must take place in parallel”Fabio Panetta, who oversaw the first phase of the development of the digital euro, wrote in a letter to the European Parliament days before he became governor of the Bank of Italy. “ECB – wrote – will continue to support the democratic debate on the digital euro”, and that’s why “give them broad societal implications
than the digital euro had, we must seek the broad support of European citizens.”

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