5 simple rituals to remove negative energy at home that are repeated once a month

It is important to eliminate negative energies at home, removing objects that hinder or “steal” energy, but also by practicing small, simple and effective daily rituals, such as burning Palo Santo.

As time goes by and because of the many events that happen, negative energy charges accumulate in us and in our home: this is why energy cleansing at least once a month free yourself from these vibrations.

Energy cleansing can be done using small rituals based on specific objects, preparations or procedures that help us eliminate negative energies Home; when we get rid of it, we rebalance our environment, protect ourselves, and are back in balance, ready to start a new cycle.

Feng Shui explains where to place quartz in the house.Jekaterina Bolovcov√° / Pexels.

THE rituals cleaning energy have long been associated with dark practices, but the truth is that a a ritual well performed it is more beneficial than you think, and by clearing our space of negative energies, it allows us to fill it again with positive energy, new experiences and people who could bring change to our lives. Here are some of the easiest energy cleansing rituals which you can do at home every month. Easy, fast, effective.

Cleansing ritual with quartz

What you need?

A protective quartz, usually white quartz, clear quartz, onyx, tiger’s eye quartz or amber.

Fresh water, make sure it is slightly cooler than room temperature.

What to do?

The ritual cleaning energy with quartz it is done at night to let the stones rest. When it starts to get dark, place your protective quartz and in the cleansing bowls or on a plate, shake off the dust and then place them under a stream of fresh water, it must be pure water, not recycled or treated because, as this is a cleansing ritual, we need to clear and remove all the energy that the quartz and crystals have received. If possible, do this during full moon or new moon nights so that the energy of these lunar cycles will strengthen your ritual. Place each quartz in a different room of your home. In the dining room, in the bathroom above the sink, on windowsills, on shelves, on the table and so on, every room should be protected by quartz. By cleansing your crystals, you cleanse them of negative energies. Leave the stones overnight and put them back in the next morning. The whole house will be protected.

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