A doe remains trapped in a building in the province of Genoa

Woman from Deerfor unknown reasons, he remained stuck in the cavity of a building in via Marconi in Bogliasco in the province of Genoa.

As soon as the residents identified the animal, they immediately requested the intervention of the local police, who then called the regional zookeeper. As soon as the deer came out of the hollow, it took refuge under a parked car. It was also reflected in his movement difficulty walking due to the effects of the fall. The specimen was then placed in the care of Cras (Wild Animal Recovery Centre) in Campomorone, also in the province of Genoa. “The young female is doing well and has no fractures, she will be released soon,” commented Enpa, reassuringly about the specimen’s fate.

The fall of the deer between the buildings of Bogliasco is just one of many examples of how in Liguria wild animals is increasingly moving into populated areas. This is evidenced today by countless sightings of wild boars (even in the center of Genoa) as well as cases where several wolves were the unfortunate protagonists between the provinces of Genoa and Savona. On the one hand, almost uncontrolled anthropic expansion, on the other, an increasingly shrinking natural space with consequences that are there for everyone.

In the name of Enpa, Cras and all concerned rescue and rehabilitation of animals There are constant renewed calls for maximum attention, especially on inland roads, to avoid accidents that could then have fatal consequences for specimens already frightened by being outside their natural habitat. In addition, constant monitoring is also required between houses near wooded areas. Especially at night, it happens that some wild animals move away from the forest in search of food, with the risk of falling or being injured in an unfamiliar environment. Citizens are also urged not to feed wild animals and not to leave food on the street, so that over time the fauna does not lose its natural distrust of people and especially populated areas.

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