A dog tied to a pole and burned in Palermo survived the night but remains serious

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AaronA pitbull that was chained to a street pole and then set on fire on January 9, he made it through the night at the veterinary clinic where he is hospitalized. A complaint was added to Lava’s complaint Italian Animalist Party who through a lawyer Cristiano Ceriellosubmitted by a complaint to the public prosecutor’s office against those responsible for this barbarity.

“What happened in Palermo stunned us,” said Patrick Battipaglia, coordinator for the Sicily region of Italy’s Animalist Party – Unheard of violence against the poor defenseless animal. A story that can never be justified for any reason. We demand justice for this poor animal.”

Aron’s condition was very serious until yesterday, but now he seems to have stabilized, although he is still critical, and doctors are doing everything to ease his suffering. The dog was actually reporting after the torture he suffered severe burns on 80% of the body and many internal organs were compromised.

“He survived the night, he is currently stabilized. The doctors are doing everything so that he does not feel pain and that there is only one hope. His condition is always critical and the prognosis remains reserved/poor.”

The LAV intervened by asking the judiciary to confiscate the animal in order to obtain its care, and at the same time asking the mayor of Palermo, Roberto La Galla, to issue an order to subject the person responsible for the crime to checks regarding his physical health. integrity.

Yesterday they were still unconfirmed hypotheses, but today they have become a bitter certainty: in fact, it has been officially verified that Aron is chipped which refers precisely to the data of the person responsible for the crime. So the person who chained the dog and sprayed it with flames is exactly what Kodami defines as a “pet mate”, a person who should be his pet’s best friend, who should protect him and never mistreat him.

The person responsible was stopped by the police yesterday after trying to escape and now serious charges are pending against him.

“Anyone who witnesses it should go to the police station to make a report. It is important for everyone. Not just for Aron, but for all the victims that will follow. No one is safe”declared Lav headquarters in Palermo.

Anyone with more details about the events that took place can contact the Lav Palermo reference number at 3534588917 or write to us at lav.palermo@lav.it

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