Suicide attempts with gas in the car. Then he changes his mind, but the dog is charred to death

Locked himself in the car with the dog determined to die by inhaling gas. But then he changed his mind and tried to get out of the car. However, when the door was opened, a fire broke out and the car was engulfed in flames. The man managed to save himself the dog that was with him was burned. The events took place in October 2020 in a municipality in the province of Ancona. However, now the man will have to answer in court on May 6 for killing an animal according to the article 544 bis of the Criminal Code which stipulates that “whoever causes the death of an animal by cruelty or needlessly shall be punished by imprisonment for four months to two years”.

At the time of the event, the dog would be locked in a trunk and therefore he would not have had the opportunity to free himself before the car caught fire and the emergency services and the police would intervene on the spot and confirm the death of the animal.

Meanwhile, news came from Palermo of another crime against an animal. A dog was chained to the light pole and then light. From initial reconstructions, it would appear that the person responsible is the person the animal lived with. The dog, a pit bull named Aron, suffered burns to 80% of his body and is being treated at a clinic. A fight between life and death.

A horror that recalls the one committed in Sicily, in the province of Agrigento, where another dog was found with charred hind legs last June tied with wire. An episode of horrendous violence, which unfortunately still occurs too much in Italy, to the detriment of animals. In all cases, the hope is that justice can take its course, identification and punishment of responsible persons such cruel gestures.

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