A puppy falls into a manhole: 118 operators save him from the cold

A puppy about two months old, wet and stiff with cold, very thin and dehydrated. He fell and got trapped in a hatch in an old hospital. The dog was rescued in Acquaviva delle Fonti, in the metropolitan area of ​​Bari, nurse 118. Several ambulances with their teams are stationed inside the medical facility, which is now disused. Michele, the man involved in the restoration, heard some moaning that made him and his colleagues suspicious. Therefore, the discovery and involvement of volunteers from Balzoo Acquaviva delle Fonti.

“When the 118 operators approached, they found themselves face to face with this scene – says Francesca Capozzo of Balzoo Kodami, referring to the dog stuck in the manhole – they pulled him out and immediately contacted us and tried to dry him a little. Everything was dirty when we arrived. We washed and dried it well, realizing this while drying he had nests of maggots in many places on his body that were eating him alive. We immediately took him to our doctor, who also extracted the maggots from his nose and gave him initial treatment.”

Puppy he was welcomed into a domestic stalemate from Gianna, a person close to the association: «We intervened to find a home so that he does not end up in a kennel – Francesca continued to explain – The little fellow immediately collapsed, wrapped in warm blanketsafter eating wet recovery and puppy kibble donated by the Fauna Center, to whom we are always grateful for the support they offer us.” actually becomes an adoption.


The kid was definitely very lucky. Its origin could not be traced, although it is likely that the dog was a victim of abandonment. In these days of bad weather in addition the animals take refuge in ravines to protect themselves from water and cold. Sometimes they don’t even have this opportunity because they are too small and the temperatures at night can prove to be cruel enemies. This is the case of the litter recovered a few days ago in Barletta, which unfortunately could not be saved. Let’s hope that fate has reserved a completely different future for this prick.

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