A wolf cub accident victim is released back into Maiella National Park

Source: Maiella National Park

He arrived at the veterinary clinic Maiella National Park in critical conditions after investment. But fortunately, the wolf managed to recover and was freed in the territory of his origin, on Monte Morrone.

It was September 22 of last year when forest carabinieri noticed a motionless wolf cub on the state road at the edge of the park. Little one, what then? he was about four months oldhe is recovered by the Wildlife Research Center’s veterinary medical staff and hospitalized at the park’s veterinary clinic.

The puppy had «two displaced fractures on both tibias as a result of a traffic accident. Furthermore, the general clinical conditions of the arriving animal were quite disturbing“, they explained from the park. After several weeks of conservative therapy in the box, he was able to get back on his feet and regain his strength: “X-rays and lab tests encouraged us to release him into a rehabilitation enclosure at Pretoro Wildlife Area, where he was able to interact with other wolves and be fed without getting used to the human presence».

A few days ago, the wolf cub was released into its home range, Mount Morrone, in one of the packs that park biologists have been monitoring for years. “He is now equipped with a small and innovative GPS collar that will inform us of his movements and soon he will tell us if he got to his family», explained experts from Maiella National Park.

The restoration and rehabilitation activities carried out by the Wildlife Research Center are actually necessary to ensure the well-being of wild animals that are affected in various ways by human activities, but they are also very useful for understanding the ecological dynamics that describe life. fauna and mark the best ones practices for coexistence.

Only a few days ago, another wolf, an adult male, arrived at the veterinary clinic of Maiella National Park, injured after an accident. “Unfortunately, many arrive under the same conditions,” Kodami explained Simone Angelucciresponsible for the veterinary services of the Maiella National Park – Fortunately, his life is not in danger, he is an animal weighing around 38 kilograms and this indicates to us a good health and social condition, he probably belongs to the local herd ».

THE wolves they are social and intelligent predators belonging to the Canidae family and distributed with various subspecies almost throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Since prehistoric times, this animal has had a very close bond with man, which unfortunately has not always been peaceful. On the contrary.

Wolves are currently considered a “strictly protected” species. However, the European Commission would like it lower the protection status. From “strictly protected” to “protected” species. A decision that the WWF has already vowed to fight. In Italy in particular, all eyes are on Alto Adige and the autonomous province of Trento, where local authorities have repeatedly and clearly expressed their intention to manage the wolf population as well. through attrition.

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