Tribute for Vanessa Gatti’s Dog Eos Killed in Avalanche: ‘She May Have Survived’

his man Vanessa Gattishe died on Sunday, January 7 with her hiking companion Roberto Biancon, both swept away by an avalanche during a trip to Val Formazza in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in Piedmont. From a dog Eos4 years old, however, all traces have been lost and Gatti’s friends, already devastated by the loss, cannot come to terms with the idea that she could have somehow survived the tragedy and then died of cold and privation at high altitude.

“She is Eos4 year old female, large size. Beige short hair – we read in the challenge shared on social networks by Manuela Paradisi, Vanessa Gatti’s friend – She disappeared from Sunday 7 January 2024 in Val Formazza, Lake Toggia area where an avalanche occurred that killed two hikers. We hope that Eos can be alive.”


On Sunday, Eos walked alongside Gatti and Biancono wearing an orange harness and a GPS collar with a yellow buckle and long antenna. Just that one gps, unfortunately, it turned out to be useless: the signal no longer transmits, and it is not clear whether it is not working because it is damaged or simply discharged. From the first summary information, it seems that it is he was not on a leashfound attached to Gatti’s backpack, and we hope that while she is free, she may have somehow managed to escape the avalanche.


The appeal of Paradisi is echoed on social networks and chats with requests for do not try to take Eos, if seen, why very suspicious: «Contact me at 3460920032», is the invitation. The chances of finding her are slim – the area is inhabited only by dam guards, avalanche first responders and alpine refuge managers – but Vanessa Gatti’s friends aren’t about to give up and they will continue their research in the next few days. The use of molecular dogs has also been hypothesized, but only if security conditions permit. However, the situation is complicated by cold temperatures, ice and snow, and there are fears that even if Eos survives the avalanche, she could die of hypothermia or starvation.

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