All about Doberman: personality and characteristics of the breed

The doberman may have a somewhat controversial reputation, but this breed is a sweet, loyal and obedient pet. If you are considering adopting a Doberman, read on to learn more.

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Important personality traits of the Doberman

Doberman personality traits vary from dog to dog. Some Dobermans are sociable and fearless, while others may be shy and more reserved. Regardless of the differences in how social the Doberman is, know that this breed is faithful companion and excellent family member.

The Doberman is a fearless animal and is an excellent watchdog. However, despite popular opinion, they are not attack dogs, but have an instinct to protect their loved ones from intruders. Contrary to their bad reputation, Dobermans therefore have big hearts and they love the company of people.

Personality characteristics

Dobermans have a wild reputation and are sometimes considered aggressive animals. However, they are gentle and loving pets and are very protective of their family if they feel they are in danger.

So while they are not as hostile as they once were, they can be suspicious of people and dogs they don’t know and as a result can be very protective of their owners. For this reason, they require a careful and constant training.

Below are the main personality characteristics of this dog:

  • intelligent: The Doberman is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world and has always performed well in intelligence and obedience tests. That’s why it’s important to keep him active, because when an intelligent dog doesn’t have any activities to do, he can be aggressive. Since the Doberman is a working dog by nature, it is often added to police, security guards, military personnel or search and rescue teams.
  • fair: Compared to other dog breeds, the Doberman is extremely loyal to its owners. They quickly become trusted and important members of the family. Thanks to their loyalty, they live in close contact with their loved ones, and it is this peculiarity that makes them naturally protective.

Doberman training

A Doberman puppy is very cute but can be quite destructive if not trained immediately and properly. Fortunately i Dobermans are very intelligent and intuitive dogs so they respond well to training and are able to quickly accept commands. The breed should be constantly exercised from a young age and owners should create a solid line and estates.

Teaching your puppy commands is the most important part of the training process. We recommend trying puppy training from 10 to 12 weeks old.

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Activities associated with your Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are not made for this apartment dogs who doze all day. They require daily physical activity and are comfortable active families.

As a large animal with high energy levels, it can exhibit destructive behavior if not given enough exercise. This breed actually loves being outdoors and goes for walks, hikes, runs or bike rides.

So before you adopt a Doberman, consider whether you can take him for a walk or run at least once a day.

Families, children and social life

Dobermans can be trusted even in the presence of children, because they are protective towards the family and more restrained towards strangers. Dobermans like to be members of the family, they are reliable towards children if they are treated with kindness and respect.

Since some Dobermans can have a shy temperament while others are more aggressive, early socialization is essential to get your pet used to other people and animals.

Having the chance to get used to meeting other dogs, family and strangers will make a big difference in their personality development. Therefore, it is especially important to encourage socialization both with different family members and with other pets.

Is a Doberman right for you?

We have seen that the Doberman is a the perfect petbecause he is loving, protective and loyal.

If you are considering welcoming a specimen of this breed into your home, keep in mind that a Doberman left alone in the house or yard for too long can become fearful and subsequently aggressive.

If you think adopt a doberman, we recommend that you think carefully about how much time you and your family will be able to spend with the dog and how much time he will spend alone. For this reason, if you have a busy work schedule, we do not recommend adopting a Doberman.

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