Isybank, the second migration since March: information and “express consent”

MILAN – The transfer of Intesa Sanpaolo customers to Isybank is imminent. From March, the second phase of the migration will take place with Cà de Sass account holders receiving information that they will have to give “express consent” to move to the group’s digital bank. The first part of the exodus started in October last year and “has ended successfully and 90% of customers are now using the account daily”, explained Claudia Vassena, digital retail sales and marketing manager at Intesa Sanpaolo.Handle.

Intesa-Isybank, what will happen now after the antimonopoly authority has stopped

by Federico Formico

The Antimonopoly Office intervened in the operation and found “modalities that did not correspond to the provisions of the Consumer Code”.

Problems in which Intesa Sanpaolo has intervened to allow the satisfaction of customer requests. These days, in fact, a summary is given, which can be found in the application, what are – continues Vassena – the benefits that are dedicated to them. They will also find all the information they need if they want to reopen an Intesa Sanpaolo account under the same or better conditions than they had before.”

For customers of the second phase, which will take place in March, already informed in July, information will arrive in these days summarizing all the benefits of the transition. Holders of current accounts will have to give “express consent if they want to switch to Isybank”, Intesa manager Sanpaolo points out.

Valitutti reassures: “isybank listens to everyone. And whoever wants to can come back.”

by Walter Galbiati

The new bank reached sixty thousand new customers and manages “those who have already migrated as best as possible”, explains Cassena, adding that “we have a structured process of listening and verifying different needs”, referring to the digital branch.

For example, many asked for a version of home banking to access their account from the web rather than just the app. “We also listened to this indication – he concludes – and we will soon offer this service as well. There is a very strong development plan and our work is aimed at building an all-Italian story of success and innovation.”

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