All animals from the Segrate shelter adopted: 277 dogs and 95 cats

The National Canine Defense League, which administers shelter kennel in Segratein the province of Milan, ended the year with a certain satisfaction which was not so much derived from welcome animals, always too much, as rather according to the number of those for whom the volunteers found a family. All subjects hosted during the year were adopted: 277 dogs and 95 cats. And not only that, because other species were also welcome two mice, three hamsters, four rats, eight dwarf rabbits and seven guinea pigs: everyone also received the expected adoptions. Eventually, 200 animals were operated on and nursed back to health by veterinary staff. In short, a definitely positive balance.

The volunteers from the Facebook page thanked the citizens for the support received, without which all this would not have been possible, and used the opportunity to send a very important message: «An animal is not a thing, it is a commitment and it is for life. The fact that it has also welcomed unconventional species clearly proves this the great ease and superficiality with which people make their choices which, on the contrary, should be very thoughtful and conscious. The same lack of awareness exists in knowing the breed motivations of specific types of dogs: bull terriers, which in recent years have been herded into kennels, given away or abandoned by those who could not handle them. So don’t buy and adopt unless you’re more than motivated, it’s not necessary. Also because an animal that cannot be controlled is a future “stray”.

Unfortunately, nothing could be truer, but despite constant challenges, this is still an all-too-widespread habit. And the summer of 2023 was a prime example of this, as it was one of the saddest for pets. According to data released by the National Canine Defense League, Over 50,000 dogs and cats were abandoned throughout Italy, p 20% increase over the previous year.

The economic crisis, which has undoubtedly caused an exponential increase in asset abandonment, has had a strong impact on this phenomenon this year.

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