He sees a gray spot on the post: he realizes it’s a stranded animal

The story we are about to tell you is set in beautiful Australia, home to some of the strangest wildlife encounters.

Danielle, the protagonist of the story, is walking through the streets of her neighborhood when she notices something unusual: there is a strange gray spot.

As he focuses on the object, he realizes that the blob is moving: it’s an opossum, which at first appears to be hanging from a pole enjoying the view, but as he gets closer, he realizes that the animal is actually trying desperately to autumn.

Usually, these animals choose natural cavities in large trees or rocks as dens and shelters. Australians call them brushtail opossumwhich literally means “brush-tailed opossum.”


Danielle does not lose courage and activates the emergency services and immediately contacts wildlife rescue centers area and then managed to contact Southern Koala and Echidna Rescue (SKER). A volunteer from the center rushes to the scene to confirm that the little one opossum evidently his tail got stuck on the pole and he could no longer move.

One of the strangest aspects of this marsupial is actually its bizarre tail. It is easy to understand from the name that it looks a bit like a brush, but under the bristly hairs it hides another peculiarity: it is naked, bare at the bottom and is used as an additional prehensile limb to cling to the tree. branches.

Fortunately, a volunteer gets to work, untangles the animal’s tail and carefully returns it to the ground: after about seven hours spent clinging to the post, the opossum is finally safe.


Danielle finally breathes a sigh of relief as she watches the volunteer leave with the puppy in tow. The little one is taken to the veterinary clinic of the shelter to undergo all the necessary checks and fortunately only dehydration is detected.

This marsupial is considered an invasive species in Australia: it has been introduced to New Zealand for its fur since 1850. However, as has already happened in other areas of the world with American minks, nutria and raccoons, the fur animals then escaped from farms and are now causing considerable problems for agriculture and local ecosystems.

Behind those sweet eyes and that funny expression is the decidedly unique beast that one is quite well adapted to urban life: another of the many examples of exceptional and exclusive Australian fauna that is among the most unique and iconic in the world.

The tough opossum is now recovering from his harrowing adventure, but volunteers are confident he will soon be fit and ready to return. free, release

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