Are you a young expat? Here is the European city for you

More and more young people are interested in looking for a new life, study or job abroad. But which city to move to? Rental costs are often prohibitive and are one of the reasons for discouragement. With the help of HousingAnywhere, let’s try to compile a ranking of the ten best cities for young Italians moving abroad, based on data related to students and young professionals who were looking for accommodation abroad.

The most popular cities to live abroad as a young expat

HousingAnywhere data highlighted how Barcelona, ​​Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Madrid won the podium of the most desirable cities, Madrid and Paris recorded the most significant increase in interest compared to last year.

Barcelona it is the most attractive destination, where 8.2% of all Italian users are looking for a new home abroad. The Mediterranean climate, relaxed lifestyle and job opportunities are still a strong focus for this metropolis.

Paris closely followed as the second most popular city with 7.9% of users. Compared to 2022, the capital of fashion and art rose from fourth to second position in the rankings, with an impressive 29.4% increase in demand compared to the previous year. City Berlinwith live music and a startup scene, secured third place, with 6.8% of users researching rental options in the German capital.

Here is the complete ranking:

1. Barcelona 8.2% of all Italian users looking for accommodation abroad

2. Paris 7.9%

3. Berlin 6.8%

4. Amsterdam 6.4%

5. Madrid 5.7%

6. London 4.4%

7. Monaco 4.3%

8. Brussels 4.3%

9. Vienna 4.1%

10. Lisbon 3.1%

How much is rent in Europe?

ON Paris, which recorded a +29.4% rental demand compared to 2022, rental prices saw an average annual increase of 3.7% (up to €720 for rooms, €1,350 for studios and €1,880 for two-room apartments). ON Madridwhich now boasts an interest greater than the coat of arms Londonthe average cost for a two-room apartment is 1,350 euros, for a studio apartment 950 euros, private rooms can be rented for 560 euros.

However, thanks to the lack of residential rental properties in major European cities Rental prices are still rising in almost all cities, even those at the bottom of the rankings. For example Lisbonwhich has just entered the ranking, already shows an annual price increase of 33%, the highest in Europe, for private rooms (€600).

Cities least sought after by young Italians

Finally, the destinations at the bottom of the top 10 searches hold some surprises: Vienna, at €881 per month, remains the cheapest for studio apartments, while rental costs in Brussels and Munich, where apartments now average €1,200 and €1,760, continue to rise. The same applies to Lisbon, which after entering the ranking already shows an annual price increase of 33%, the highest in Europe, for private rooms (€600).

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