Bears poisoned in Trentino, autonomous province: “Still no confirmation from Izs”

In 2023, three bears were poisoned in Trentino out of a total of 7 deaths last year. This is a heavy tax revealed during the broadcast of “Mi manda Rai Tre”, but the autonomous province of Trento quickly denied with a comment.

“At this time there is no confirmation of the poisoning hypothesis – we read – there is still no evidence to support the theory of poisoning as the cause of death of some of the plantigrades that died during the year just ended. Therefore, the reconstructions reported during the episode cannot be confirmed, as the provincial structures await the result of the analyzes carried out by the Istituto Zooprophylattico delle Tre Venezie.


They would also be among the poisoned bears F36, found dead in September in Val Bondone. Suspicions arose from the circumstances of the death now, which ended up on Fugatti’s blacklist after two encounters with tourists in the months of July and August while he was in the company of his puppy. A press release issued by the province of Trento at the time the body was found did not mention the possible circumstances of death, which instead occurred in other plantigrades found lifeless, such as M62, killed by another bear.

After a long silence from the provincial authorities, in October 2023, the animal protection associations Oipa and Leal were accepted for the necropsy of F36. However, there is an examination that should clarify the exact causes of death official results have not yet been announced.

After the broadcast of the program, activists from Stop Castellerowho in Trentino are fighting to maintain high vigilance on the wildlife construction in which the problem bears are locked up, inside which they are currently JJ4 AND butterfly.

“After this endless list of suspicious deaths, we don’t want to hear ‘investigations underway’ anymore.” Public opinion, both Italian and Trentino, wants clarity on this episode. If, as the Rai3 broadcast claims, these specimens were victims of poachingthose who have been promoting this supposed form of do-it-yourself justice for months bear a great responsibility for what has happened, and sooner or later they will be called to account in the appropriate places.’

They were present on the broadcast Luigi Boitanizoologist at La Sapienza University in Rome, Sabrina Gianninijournalist and host of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, Massimiliano Donapresident Consumatori.itAND Claudio Cia, Councilor of the Autonomous Province of Trento. The latter, although he stated that he was not aware of the data on poisonings reported by the program, provided an explanation for the phenomenon with the “irritation of the population” towards the ideological management of the bear problem in Trentino.

It will now be up to the autonomous province of Trento to clarify whether the data reported by the public broadcaster supports the results of the autopsies.

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