The inventor of Bitcoin received a “strange” payment of $1.2 million

Digital wallet connected with the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, received unexpected payment from approx $1.2 million in bitcoins by an anonymous user. Direct transition to the so-called wallet genesis, the first ever built and dormant for many years, occurred on January 5, 2024, two days after the fifteenth anniversary of the mining of the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain. According to some, this could be a way to force Nakamoto to reveal his true identity.

The creator of Bitcoin is almost a mythological figure for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and it often happens that users send him small amounts in his wallet as a birthday present to celebrate the birth of the technology, which was first brought online on January 3, 2009. has never happened before. moved a million dollars to wallet genesis, also because, being inactive since 2010would mean losing every crown forever.

“Either Satoshi woke up, bought 27 bitcoins from Binance and put them in his wallet, or someone just burned a million dollars,” he continued to write X Conor Grogan, director of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Indeed nIt is unclear whether the individual behind the pseudonym Nakamoto still retains his e-account access keys they can move their funds or notbut this scenario seems far-fetched to most of the community.

Therefore, according to cryptocurrency lawyer Jeremy Hogan, the anonymous transaction could be an attempt by US authorities to force Nakamoto to reveals his true identity, taking advantage of the new US tax laws. Beginning in 2024, U.S. taxpayers must report to the Internal Revenue Service, the equivalent of our tax agency, any cryptocurrency transactions exceeding $10,000.

“The only reasonable assumption about this transaction is that the sender is trying to flush Satoshi,” Hogan wrote next X. To corroborate his statement, as shown by data from the Arkham intelligence platform, there is no other activity on the anonymous account that transacted towards wallet genesisbefore payment. That account, which was funded by 12 other addresses, including at least one belonging to Binance, is now completely empty. While there are around 50 bitcoins in Nakamoto’s wallet, equal to $2.3 million.

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