Carrefour’s boycott against Pepsi expands

We no longer sell this product for a reason unacceptable price increases“. This writing could appear soon also on the shelves of Italian Carrefour supermarkets instead of eating and drinking of PepsiCo.

As reported Republica measure that represents the transalpine chain’s response to high prices Pepsisome chips Lay’sof 7 upfrom oats Quakerssome tea Lipton and all the other items of the American MNC will in fact soon expand to its stores here, as well as in Belgium and Spainafter taking effect as early as January 4 in France.

In general, 2024 promises to be full of news tug of war between food manufacturers and retailers. Before Carrefour, other entities in Germany and Belgium had already stopped orders from companies that had become protagonists price increasein a more complex negotiation logic from inflation. And even in this case, the progress that PepsiCo had was not for nothing announced back in Octobermodest” costs are increasing for the year just started.

The French company did not say when the New York-based company’s stoppage of sales would arrive in the three countries it has already announced it wants to expand to, or whether it would be expected later. in more than thirty others, where it has 12,225 stores. However, it is currently unclear whether PepsiCo drinks and foods already on the shelves will be recalled or not. A Carrefour spokesperson said in this sense customers cannot be prevented from purchasing those already issued.

As early as 2023, the French supermarket chain became the protagonist of the battle against price increases. Especially phenomena shrinkageor the strategy implemented by some companies consisting in reduction in package size products without a proportional reduction of their costs. In that case, an inscription appeared on store shelves: “This product has had a weight reduction and an increase in the price charged by our supplier“.

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