Costa Smeralda returns to Sanremo: Gigi d’Agostino is also on board

The charm and charm of Sanremo is enriched again this year with a “floating scene”. Costa Cruiseswhere there is a big return Gigi d’Agostino. After its triumph in 2023, the shipping company renews its commitment to the famous city of music with its flagship, Costa Smeraldawhich turned it into a special place, ceremonially illuminated, in connection with Ariston Theatre in days Festival.

He will be the first to step aboard TeduaFebruary 6, followed by performances by Fr Bob Sinclair 7th, Bresh 8th and highly anticipated Gigi D’Agostino 9. These evenings will not be just concerts, but real celebrations of music and entertainment in the evocative setting of the Sanremo sea.

“After the great success of the last three editions, we are returning to Sanremo with Costa Smeralda to propose something even more exciting. Our ship will be a spectacular disco club during the most important music and media event in Italy: the most evocative place where you can dance, sing, party and experience the miracle of the Costa cruise at its maximum expression. The line-up of artists is truly exceptional and pays tribute both to the international vocation that Sanremo music has always had and to the connection with the territory, as the two artists who will perform are Ligurian, the words Mario Zanetti, CEO of Costa Crociere.

For the 2024 release, Costa Cruises he even organized one cruise-special event, with a limited number of places offering guests the opportunity to experience Sanremo from an exclusive perspective. In addition to the performances, there will be unique onboard experiences, created in collaboration with excellent partners and surprise guests. Guests will also be able to explore Sanremo and its surroundings, both independently and through organized excursions.

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